About us

We created ACTIVAGE Association with the aim of helping to bring health in a simple way. Through technology, this is possible as anyone in need can find the service they require to take care of their health through apps, software, and platforms.

Our motivation

ACTIVAGE Association was created by a majority decision of members of the European Project ACTIVAGE to assume the ownership of project results. Its purpose is to promote and drive the broader scale up of the Active and Healthy Ageing services and technologies in Europe and worldwide ACTIVAGE Association aims to continue and expand the evolution of project results across various activities, allowing project members to maximise the return of investment, in the coming years.


To create the first European Digital Market of Solutions and Services that supports independent living, active aging, and well-being for people of all ages, leveraging on continuous evolution of ACTIVAGE Ecosystem and standards.


Our aim is to become the go-to platform where anyone in Europe can access personalized services to enhance their life at every stage.

The Association

ACTIVAGE Association is organised as an ASSOCIATION incorporated under the Spanish Association Act, 1/2002 and according its provisions, with legal entity and full capacity to act, being governed in its operations according to democratic principles.

ACTIVAGE Association sets its registered office at a Valencia, Spain. The territorial scope in which it shall mainly carry out its activities is the entire territory of Europe, although it may also carry out activities in the international field within the framework of the provisions of the given Bylaws.


Board Members

Consultants & Collaborators

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