ACTIVAGE.ORG is created by decision of  a majority of members of the European Project ACTIVAGE to be the instrument that will assume the ownership of the results produced by ACTIVAGE Project, to promote and drive the scale up the Active and Healthy Ageing services and technologies deployment in Europe and Worldwide, continuing and enlarging the evolution of all these results in all ambits  of activity, and allowing project members to maximise the return of the investment for their contribution to ACTIVAGE Project and ACTIVAGE.ORG values, in the coming years.

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We are really happy to announce the relaunch of the ACTIVAGE EXPERIENCE DAY that will take place on 21st October 2020...

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El projecte Activage és una iniciativa europea que promociona l´envelliment actiu i saludable. A València es desenvoltura a través d’un pilot dirigir a 750 persones majors de 65 anys, que valen seguir vivint de manera independent a sa casa.