Activage Association aims at promoting and drive the implementation and scale-up of products and services targeting Health and Active Living for all ages across Europe.

We are the heirs of the legacy of the ACTIVAGE Project, and we have a duty to European society: to continue and expand on the evolution of the ACTIVAGE Project’s results to help people ageing better with the support of technology and innovation.

The ACTIVAGE Project ended in 2020 an its aim was to promote and boost the deployment of services and technologies for Active and Healthy Living in Europe and worldwide. Over its three-year duration, the project demonstrated the positive impact of new technologies to address social and health needs in 12 European regions with more than 8000 senior people and caregivers involved.

Following the outstanding success of the project, the ACTIVAGE Association (AOA) was founded consisting of key partners from the ACTIVAGE Project consortium to take ownership of the results produced and to continue the huge challenge of improving the quality of life of senior population. Know more about our Mission and Vision.

Products and Services


Marketplace of
Active and Healthy Living solutions

We offer immediately accessible technical solutions and services that cater to the health and wellness needs of people at all life stages keeping highest standards of quality of life and independence. We provide a comprehensive range of products and services for European citizens, as well to health and social care entities and technology suppliers.


Consulting of
Active and Healthy Living services

Strugling to take your services to the next level?. Look no further than AoA.!. We have a large network of health and social care experts partners to help you in the digital transformation of your portfolio of services. Tell us what your problems and necessities are, and we will be delighted to work with you to achieve your goals.



Looking for a partner for a cutting-edge European Project related to Active and Healthy Living solutions? AOA is the expert you need. With a proven track record in large European projects, we cover various areas from proposal preparation to ecosystem management, including dissemination and communication.

Partner with us and gain access to our extensive network of industry leaders, researchers, and policy-makers. Let us help you achieve your goals and create a better future for all.

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