Global Challenge

The progressive aging of the population is a major challenge worldwide. In the coming decades, the proportion of older people will significantly increase, while the number of younger people will decline.

According to the United Nations, the number of people aged 65 years or over is projected to triple by 2050, reaching almost 1.5 billion people worldwide. In addition, the number of people aged 80 years or over is expected to quadruple by 2050.

This demographic shift has implications for healthcare and social services, and the economy. The demand for healthcare services and long-term care facilities will rise, increasing costs.

In this context, SILVER ECONOMY refers to the economic opportunities and challenges presented by the growing population of older adults. It presents challenges related to the increased demand for healthcare and social care services, and also presents opportunities for products and services tailored to older adults’ needs.

Implementing new technologies and solutions for ACTIVE AND HEALTHY LIVING is crucial for the development of the silver economy. Leveraging technology allows for innovative solutions that promote independent and well-being among older adults, while also reducing the burden on healthcare and social care systems.

The concept of Active and Healthy Living is not exclusive to seniors; it’s a lifelong journey. Our approach now encompasses services and solutions that promote health and well-being from early childhood to advanced age, addressing the evolving needs of individuals as they progress through different life stages.

Active and Healthy Living is all about empowering individuals to maintain an active lifestyle, both physically and mentally, while ensuring their overall well-being. It encompasses various aspects that contribute to a high quality of life, including physical fitness, mental stimulation, social engagement, and emotional well-being.

The concept recognizes the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle for seniors, focusing on their engagement, independence, and connected to communities rather than decline due to aging.

There are a wide range of services tackling Active and Healthy Living:

Digital health

Tailored to promote healthy lifestyles, encouraging physical activity, healthy eating, and quality sleep social engagement and intellectual participation, helping to prevent or delay cognitive impairment.

Education and

Into daily life, leveraging small medical devices, non-invasive sensing technologies, collaborative robots, and IoT devices.


To be integrated into daily life, leveraging small medical devices, non-invasive sensing technologies, collaborative robots, and IoT devices, empowering caregivers to have greater control over the health and well-being of elderly.


Assisting you in making behavioral changes and monitoring health outcomes, with seamless communication between you and your caregivers.

Promoting frailty

Prevention, early detection, and monitoring, recognizing it as an emerging public health priority.

Preventive Health &
Care Intervention Programmes

Physical activity, nutrition, and fall reduction programs.

Together, let’s address the challenges posed by the aging population and develop effective strategies to overcome them.

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